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Rocket with students' payload launched

08/07/2010 14:10
Rocket with students' payload launched     Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station (TERLS) witnessed the technology demonstrator flight of the advanced sounding rocket RH 200 near here, on Wednesday. In a press release here, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) said the...

FIFA 2010

08/07/2010 14:04
In Johannesberg South Africa, the anticipators already know who will play the finals in the 2010 FIFA world Cup. It is the Spain vs. Netherlands. This is a very exciting time and season of the World Cup as the tournament will produce a first time title holder and inductee into a select champions...


08/07/2010 12:09
National Aeronautics and Space Administration ... We're getting ready for a BIG airborne field campaign next month to fly into and around hurricanes, trying to figure out how they form & what makes them strengthen.   NASA - NASA's GRIP to Take Unprecedented Look...

Jesus spotted on Google Earth

06/07/2010 10:26
  Jesus spotted on Google Earth     LONDON: An Internet fan has claimed that he saw lord Jesus Christ's image in a farm on Google Earth. Zach Evans, 26, spotted Christ's image as he strolled the map site looking for holiday destinations. Reportedly, Christ can be clearly seen in...
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