FIFA 2010

08/07/2010 14:04

In Johannesberg South Africa, the anticipators already know who will play the finals in the 2010 FIFA world Cup. It is the Spain vs. Netherlands. This is a very exciting time and season of the World Cup as the tournament will produce a first time title holder and inductee into a select champions circle. The soccer betting fans countdown on Sunday all have their teams to support and bet for.

Which team, Spain or Netherlands will win the throne of the 2010 World Cup? The World Cup 2010 betting markets are open to trading, soccer lines and odds are taking shape and leaning towards the betting trends as the fans start to weigh in by placing their wagers.

The early line according to the BetUP sportsbook has Spain as the pre tournament favorite. Spain starts off at +110 to win outright in regulation time. The regulation draw option is the second choice, at +220 odds, on the other hand, the opponent Netherlands with +260 are at a close third.

The World Cup crowned winner will be recognized int he South Africa. It made the Africans anticipate that an African country will eventually win since it would land to its own soil in the end, So unfortunately, towards the end of the semi finals and final, European country teams dominated.